Centered within social and hostorical context, heteroglossia refers
 to a process of decentralization, a fracturing of language to keep
 language dynamic and growing, to counter balance the processes of narrowing
 that creates a unified language (Bakhtin 272).

Deliberating for the Future
Constructing Identities
Prosecution and Defense

  • Acts as an "ancient term for the sum total of 'contexts,' both spatial (e.g., formal) and temporal (e.g., epistemic), that influence the translation of thought into [visual] language and meaning in any rhetorical situation"
  • Incorporates the occassion itself, the historical circumstances that brought it about, the generic conventions of the form . . . required by that occassion, the manner of delivery the audience expects at that time and place, their attitudes toward [the rhetor] . . . and the occassion, even their assumptions about the world around them and so on"
  • Works to anchor the "discursive exchange in the conventions of the culture within which it operates" (Sheard 291-92)

The Role of Territory:

Territoriality is a form "of behaviour that uses a bounded space, a territory, as the instrument for securing a particular outcome" (Taylor 151).