Searching for Mysterious Phemonema Topics?

This is just the beginning of your quest in your topic research for this semester. Do not use this page as the end of your research. Rather use it as the beginning steps of a long journey into the unusual and uknown world of Mysterious Phenomena.

This page will be updated periodically as something new and unusual comes to light.

Wikipedia on Cryptozoology
The Cryptozoologist

Bigfoot Field Researchers
Bigfoot Encounters
Bigfoot: Fact or Fantasy

Are Mermaids Real?

Loch Ness Monster
The Beast of Loch Ness
Skeptic's Dictionary on Loch Ness Monster

The Jersey Devil I
The Jersey Devil II
Jersey Devil Legend or Truth?
Jersey Devil Sightings
Legend of the New Jersey Devil

Wikipedia on El Chupacabra
Skeptic's Dictionary on El Chupacabra

Wikipedia on Werewolf
Book of Werewolves
Hellhounds, Werewolves, and the Germanic Underground

 Planet X
Wikipedia on Planet X
Planet X Fact or Fiction
The Planet X Saga
X Facts
10th Planet Discovered

Wikipedia on Predictions
Wikipedia on Nostradamus
Wikipedia on Sollog

Wikipedia on Atlantis

Ghosts/Ghostly Phenomena
Wikipedia on Ghosts
Ghosts of the Prairie
Wikipedia on Electronic Voice Phenomena
Haunted Voices
The Bell Witch
Bell Witch Cave
King Arthur and Robin Hood
Wikipedia on Vampires
Vampiric Studies
Real Vampires
Monstrous--Universal Vampires

Crop Circles
Monstrous--Crop Circle Theories