Descriptive Narrative: What Happened at the Scene?

The Place:
The Crime:
The Victim:

For this assignment: Imagine that you are one of the crime scene investigators in one of the CSI shows (Vegas, Miami, NY). You are right there at the center of the action. Using the tools we’ve discussed in writing a narrative, tell your audience what you found at the initial crime scene as well as the subsequent investigation of the crime. Answer the following five questions: Who? What? Where? When? Why? How?


1.    Through details like description of the people involved and the places where the action took place, show your readers what happened. Draw on all five senses if possible—sight, sound, smell, taste, touch. Help your readers visualize the main characters and action, hear relevant thoughts and conversations of those involved, smell important aromas, taste important flavors, and feel the surroundings. To achieve this goal, NARROW the story to something that happened in a few hours or less—ideally less than an hour.

2.    Explain why the experience was significant. In other words, what is your main point (thesis)? To isolate your main point or idea, ask yourself the following questions: Where are you? What are you seeing? What are you doing? Why is it important? What did you learn from this experience? What was important to you about the experience? What thoughts were going through your head?

Audience: Your fellow investigators as well as the team supervisor

Requirements for final draft:

•    3-4 pages in length
•    Typed or word processed
•    Double spaced
•    Heading in upper right hand corner (name, class, date, assignment)
•    Titled, centered above the first sentence
•    Stapled
•    Follow MC Composition format guidelines

Your grade will be based on how well you

•    include specific detail;
•    convey the significance of the event (main point);
•    begin the narration (make it interesting);
•    organize the events of the story;
•    handle grammar and punctuation, especially those particular areas pointed out on your writing sample.

Due dates:
First draft:     (make sure that you bring copies for your peer group members)
Second draft:
Final draft:

Note: Rough Draft Workshop is incredibly important to your writing process. So make sure that you provide your readers with a solid rough draft.