Final Assignment--Reflective Letter

Purpose: You are writing a cover letter to your writing portfolio. This letter should introduce readers to the work in your portfolio and your development as a writer over the course of the semester.

Audience: The English professor whose EN102 or EN109 class you will take next semester

Length: 500-600 words (introduction, 3 body paragraphs, conclusion)
  • Introductory paragraph that includes a thesis and essay blueprint
  • Body paragraph 1—Evaluate your own writing process. You may want to answer one or both of these questions: What steps do you take to plan, draft, and revise your papers, and how does each of the steps help you produce your best work? How has your writing process changed over the course of the semester?
  • Body paragraph 2—Evaluate your essays. You may want to answer one or both of these questions: What are the strengths of your essays? What elements of your writing have improved most?
  • Body paragraph 3—What areas will you need to continue to work on in EN102 or EN109?
  • Conclusion paragraph that sums up the main points of your essay as a whole, restating your thesis
What to turn in:
  • Final Assignment—stapled together in this order:
  • Cover letter
  • Draft notes of the letter
  • Outline and brainstorming pages
This cover letter should be the first written piece of your portfolio.

Portfolio Contents (front to back):
  • Cover Letter (final draft on top)
  • CSI Effect Argument (final draft on top)
  • Process Analysis Essay (final draft on top)
  • Descriptive Narrative (final draft on top)
  • Three of your best journal entries