Week 1-Introduction to Reading and Writing

T 5/31
Class Introduction
Reading: "40 Years of Doubt: Conspiracy Theories Still Grip Public" (
In-Class Activity: Diagnostic Assignment and Discussion on Bedford (Introduction)
Hand out Summary Assignment

W 6/1
Reading: "Conspiracies So Vast" (
and Bedford (pages 33-41)
In-Class Activity:
Hand out Assignment #1

H 6/2
Reading: "The Paranoid Style in American Politics" ( and Bedford (pages 9-12)
In-Class Activity:
Due: Summary Assignment

Week 2-What Happened?
M 6/6
Reading: "Ghosts of November" ( and "Study Backs Theory of 'Grassy Knoll'" ( and Bedford (pages 74-83)
 In-Class Activity:
Due: Draft #1/Assignment #1

T 6/7
Reading Day
(Use this as a time to get up to speed on the assassination of President Kennedy)
Reading: "Dealy Plaza Revisited" ( and "The Conspiracy Theories" (

W 6/8
Reading: "After Thirty Years: Making Sense of the Assasination" ( and Bedford (pages 39-40, 81)
In-Class Activity: Rough Draft Workshop
Hand out Assignment #2

H 6/9
Reading: "Lasting Questions about the Murder of President Kennedy" (parts 1-6) and Bedford (pages 188-194) (
In-Class Activity:
Due: Draft #2/Assignment #1

Week 3-Looking at the Players
M 6/13
Reading: "Science, Pseudo-Science, and Falsifiability" ( and
"Context: The Warren Commission" (
In-Class Activity:

T 6/14
Reading: "The Oswald Agenda" ( and "Harvey, Lee, and Tippit" (
In-Class Activity:
Hand out Assignment #3

W 6/15
Reading: "Suspects in the JFK Assassination" ( and "Cuba: The Line in the Sand" (
In-Class Activity:
Due: Draft #1/Assignment #2

H 6/16
Reading: Houston Chronicle on the Players ( and
In-Class Activity: Rough Draft Workshop
Due: Final Draft/Assignment #1

Week 4-Analyzing Testimonies and Evidence
M 6/20
Reading:  "Jean Hill's Tesimony" ( and "Katzenbach's Testimony" (
In-Class Activity:
Due: Draft #1/Assignment #3

T 6/21
Reading/Writing Day
(Use this day as a time to do some backgroud research and writing for your final paper)
Reading: "Hear No Evil: Acoustical Evidence in the Kennedy Assassination" (
Due: Draft #2/Assignment #2 by email

W 6/22
Reading: "On the Magic Bullet Theory" ( and "The Great Carcano Swindle" (
In-Class Activity: Rough Draft Workshop

H 6/23
Reading: "JFK's Assassination: 'For Your Eyes Only' Manipulation of  the Evidence by the Dallas Police and Proof of a Second Gunman" (
In-Class Activity:

Week 5-Coming to Conclusions
M 6/27
Reading: "The JFK Assassination: A False Mystery Concealing State Crimes" (
In-Class Activity:
Due: Draft #2/Assignment #3

T 6/28
Reading: "The Waters of Knowledge versus The Waters of Uncertainty" (
In-Class Activity:
Due: Final Draft/Assignment #2

W 6/29
Reading: "Conspiracy Buffs" ( and
In-Class Activity:

H 6/30
Reading: "Scooby Doo/X-Files Conspiracy Theory" (
Final Portfolio Due