William Butler Yeats, Professor of English, and Director of Writing. Ph. D., Trinity College, Dublin. He chairs the Department of English and Theatre Arts, administers the Writing Competency program and the creative writing program, and teaches courses in both creative writing and composition. He writes poetry and literary criticism, both of which have been extensively published. 
Johnna M. Synge, Assistant Professor of English.  M.A., University College-Cork. Her areas of specialization include Victorian and play writing.  She teaches Composition, Business Writing, Advanced College Writing, and FYS: Children in War.  While directing the First-Year student programs, she wrote and edited XXX, which won a national award for "outstanding handbook."
George Brockport, Assistant Professor of English, Babcock Scholar. Ph. D., Acme University. A specialist in 19th-century American literature and culture, he is particularly interested in the relationship between English and American literature, in the interplay between science and literature, and in the literatures of imperialism and horror.
Lisa Darnell, Assistant Professor of English, PhD University of Parkersburg. Her teaching and research focus mainly on the literature and culture of North-west Europe during the medieval period, specifically on Old English, Middle English, and Old Norse-Icelandic. 
Robert Frost, Writer in Residence. A teacher of creative writing and poetry, he has published several volumes of poetry.
Susan Robison, Associate Professor of English, Ph.D., University of Wakeegan. Her field of teaching specialization is genre and cultural studies, with a primary interest in the English novel from its 18th-century origins through its early 20th-century treatments. Research interests include 19th-century British culture and society; women's literature and culture; the influence of 19th- and early- 20th-century scientific theory on literary form; and contemporary popular responses to technology and scientific discovery.
Kim H. Regan, Associate Professor of English and Department Chair. Ph. D., Martinsburg University. She specializes in the English Renaissance and particularly in its drama, on Jacobean London and Bristol as dramatic subjects and theatrical sites. She teaches the Sixteenth Century, Shakespeare at all levels, and Composition at the beginning and advanced levels.
Margaret L. Leonhardt, Professor of English, Ph. D., University of Daytona. She teaches Victorian, modern British, American ethnic, and women's literature. She was elected by the Class of 1991 to receive the Rebecca Nurse Award for Excellence in Teaching.
Marco P. Suarez, Professor of English. M.A., State University of New York, College at Otsego. He teaches composition, First-Year Seminars, and creative writing courses and specializes in American Literature, especially the American Romantics.  
D. G. Hobbes, Professor of English. Ph. D., University of Pittsburgh. He specializes in science fiction literature. He has published a book on the author Neal Stephenson. He is currently compiling an examination of current hacker activity in relation to the debates surrounding American civil liberties. He has recently taught advanced courses in modern and contemporary poetry, cyberpunk fiction, and the novels of Pynchon. He also teaches an advanced course on cryptography in contemporary fiction.
M. Beth Tucker, Professor of English. Ph. D., Lititz University. She specializes in American literature of the 19th and 20th centuries and women's poetry. She teaches in the areas of mythology and women's literature and Magical Realist fiction.

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