Working with the Amazing Flying Disc
The other day I was approached by the chair of CU's Department of Physics and Aerodynamics. Directing me to stand at the other end of the quad she flung a round, flat object at me. Instinctively, I reached forward to grab the disc out of the air before it clonked me in the head. As I held the disc in my hand I marveled at the lightness of the disc. Asking a few questions, I discovered that some graduate students were working on a project for the space shuttle but had accidentally created this disc. The chair expressed her frustrations with the government's unwillingness to fund this particular project. But I noticed that she was also excited about this recent discovery made by her top graduate students. That was when she asked me if the writing and rhetoric program might be willing to enter into a partnership to raise money for a shared computer lab.

For this assignment, you will be working as a team to develop an initial advertisement for the department's invention.
There are a number of different magazines we are interested in developing advertisements for (eg., outdoor sports, pet, scientific, and parenting). Using colored pencils, drawing paper, and teamwork get together and begin to hash out the basics of your ad. This is a brainstorming session.

Locate goal of department and program
Establish advertisement theme
Decide on your audience
Determine the advertisement page(s)

NB: You'll need to keep the rhetorical elements in mind as you and your team begin sketching out the initial site structure.