(List represents courses taken or audited in master’s, post-graduate, and doctoral programs)

20th Century Rhetoric Seminar: Traditions in Rhetoric
Individual Study: Renaissance Rhetorical Studies
Rhetoric: 1700-1900
Rhetoric: Ancient and Medieval
Rhetoric and Composition Theory I
Rhetoric and Composition Theory II
Rhetoric and Technology
Rhetoric: Feminist Theory
Studies in Rhetorical Criticism
Syntax, Semantics, and Metaphor
Wired Women: Feminist Rhetoric and Technology

Contemporary Irish Society Seminar
Individual Study: Cuchulain Legend
Individual Study: Modern Irish Literature
Introduction to Gaelic Language
Ireland in the 19th and 20th Centuries
Irish Literary Tradition
Irish Parliamentary Internship

Irish Society and Politics
Modern Ireland
Women in Modern Irish Literature
Yeats Seminar

Contemporary American Novel
Drama: Restoration and 18th Century
Literary Criticism
Medieval Romance and Drama
Medieval Genres
Scott and the Historical Novel
Swift & the Ireland of His Time
Studies in Romantic Perspectives I
Tristan and Isolde: 12th to 20th Centuries

Bibliography and Research Methods
Conflict Analysis and Resolution
Electronic Information Retrieval
The Internet (web design course)