Evidence as Support

Using evidence as support allows the writer to move from a generalized statement to more specific details. Be specific!!! It's not just a tree, it's an oak tree (maybe even an old oak tree devoid of its leaves).

Some of the different types of evidence are: facts, examples, case studies, statistics, testimony from experts, data from observation, interviews, surveys, and so on.

Case scenario:
Elanor thinks that her daughter's coach is incompetent and wants to write a letter to the town's newspaper about him.

Her thoughts (or lines of reasoning) are that:
A) The coach doesn't care about the team
B) The coach's game plan is disorganized

Thus her statement might be:
Coach Gardner is an incompetent coach because his game plan is disorganized.

What are the different types of evidence that Elanor can use to support her argument that:
-Coach Gardner keeps the good players benched
-Coach Gardner puts players in positions that they are not familiar with
-Coach Gardner does not emphasize team unity on the court?

What might Elanor's warrant be?
What are some possible rebuttals?
How can she come up with some conditional responses to the rebuttals?