Re-Visioning and Questioning
A part of the composing process, revision is focused on re-examining our work to see if we have attained our desired ends. Many people believe that if we correct the errors then we have done the revision. Editing and correcting mistakes are part of the revision stage. However, they are not the only aspects of revision. 

When we start in on revising our work we need to keep several things in mind:

A couple different tools that we can use to track our revision path are:

The Descriptive Outline
The Metanarrative Journal

In each of these, we create a recursive tool that allows us to examine the choices that we have made regarding our project. In them we can answer the 'WHY?' questions:

  • Why did we choose to do X rather than Y?
  • Why did we put our paragraphs in that particular order?
  • Why did we use that source? 
  • Why did we focus on this topic?