Chain of Reasons

In a chain of reasons as support situation we find that there is an argument that cannot necessarily be supported by evidence. Here the writer must provide "an interlocking chain of other reasons" that while harder to construct than arguments by evidence are often required (Ramage and Bean 112).

Parent: You can't go out tonite. (claim)
Child: Why not?
Parent: Because I said so. (stated reason as well as the warrant: What the parent says goes)
Child: Oh. But Joe's parents are letting him go out. Why can't I? (rebuttal)
Parent: I have my reasons...

I'm not Joe's parent. (evidence)
Kids need their sleep on school nights. (evidence)

It concerns parental control of the home. (reason)
It reflects concerns about his or her parental responsibility. (reason)
There is a connection between a good night's sleep and alertness in school the next day. (reason)
The mandate is similar to other household rules. (reason)
The mandate is easy to follow, nominally disruptive to the child's life, and offers possible future benefits. (reason)