Examining the Evidence

For the next chunk of time examine the questions, follow the following categorized links, and prepare to discuss you answers, thoughts, and ideas.

As you are examining the following sites keep these following questions in mind:

Why and in what instances are different types of evidence of more use than others?
Can an argument use different types of evidence to support its claims?
What are some of the drawbacks to each of these different types of evidence?
How can those drawbacks damage the credibility of an argument? 

The Four Categories of Evidence are:

Data from personal experience (from memory or observation)

On-line Discussion Group: Math Forum--Problem of the Week (go ahead and pick one to look through)
Chris Randall's Astronomical Observer Log
Shack's Online Journal Entry at Bitchpanic (dot) com
Photo Essay on Rainforest Ecology
(photo essay)
Photo Dude's Brain Dump

Data from surveys, interviews, and questionnaires

GVU 1998 Survey--Opinions on Censorship
Leaving Venice: A Conversation with Marcella and Victor Hazan
NUA on the Use of Surveys and Women
In Media Res Column by Karla Robinson

Data from reading (library research)

Cornell on analyzing information
Professor Murray's group on the Amiens Cathedral
"Remediating Democracy: The Public Intellectual, Hypertext and The West Wing"
by Patrick Finn

Numerical or statistical data

Graphs from George's Hacking Information Site
Ski Crash Data
City of Vancouver, WA
ESPN Statistics for Major League Baseball (pick a team)

Yes, yet more questions <g>:

In this Wall Street Journal Online editorial there is evidence of both inference/opinion and fact. How can we tell the difference between inference/opinion (an interpretation) from fact (piece of data)? Is the difference important? Why or why not?

What different kinds of evidence do these different sites use to support their claims? Is the evidence effective in supporting the site's claim?
Women in Transportation
"Art or Propaganda" by Bill Rolston
John Keegan on Sherlock Holmes
Gun Control vs. Gun Rights

last updated March 2003