The content element of our project contains a number of different variables. These include the use of sources, mechanics, language, and organization. Through effective use of each we establish our credibility with our audience. 

Are our quotes just dropped into the text? 
Or have we introduced the quotes so that they blend with the rest of the project? 
Did we paraphrase? 
Did we cite our sources through parenthetical citations?

Are we consistent in our pronoun and verb tense use? 
Have we worked to create an active voice? 
Are our sentences complete? 
Have we worked to vary our sentence styles as a way to keep audience attention? 

What choice did we make regarding organization? 
Are we using a chronological order or another type of order?
Are our paragraphs connected to each other? 
Do we jump from one idea to the next? 
Or have we used transitions to help the audience from one idea to another?