Who is our audience?
Did we keep our audience in mind?

What types of language do we use in connection to that audience?

In rhetoric, we label these levels of language: low, medium, and high. 

  • Low styles of language are generally used amongst friends 
  • Medium levels of language are most often used in more formal settings 
  • High levels of language are generally reserved for communicating in highly formal settings--the boardroom, the oval office, or court 
In other words, we speak more casually to our friends than we do to our parents or our senator. 

Did we use that style of language? 

What do we need to do in order to realign our project to meet the needs of that audience? 
What did we assume about our audience's knowledge pool? 
Are there pieces of information that we might want to include to help our audience understand us?

Did we hook 'em? 
Or did we start out by putting them to sleep? 
How can we fix that?