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Project Description: As group members, you will work together to create an ezine that features researched, argumentative essays which are based on selected issues prompted by our course topic: Rhetoric and Argument in Conspiracy Theories. Each ezine will focus on one of the specific groups of theories from the Conspiracy Theory List. You will work collaboratively with other writers in your group to produce a home page for the ezine as well as a conclusion or preface and a resource page.

Specific Details: Each ezine should have the following elements:

Zine Components:

Creative title

Zine manifesto/a: A statement explaining why you’re writing this zine and what sort of cultural intervention it is making. 1 page for all writers.

Generally, manifestos have three (3) parts, though the length of each is variable:

Introduction: Introductory section of poetic prose, which declares the context of the manifesto. Such a powerful declaration must arise from a specific place and time. The description of the place and time should itself serve as a model of the kind of change or thinking you are calling for. This section should also identify, in strong terms, that which you are against, and exactly why. Exaggerate the faults of your enemies, and proclaim the necessity of change.

Criteria: List of criteria for your project: demands, rules and guiding principles, and condemnations

Conclusion: Concluding statement explaining, for example, how the world will be better after your ideas have been implemented. Or perhaps simply urging others to join with you.

A Main Zine Page. This page will be the anchor for linking all the individual essays together. You will collaborate with the other writers in your group to design a web page, with graphics that reflect the theme of the ezine, through the email and with shared files.

Recommendations: What would your reader be interested in that complements your zine’s focus? At least three recommendations each for two of the following categories: film, music, book, website, magazine. 1 page writer.

Artwork: Pictures, photos, comics, graphics, drawing, collage. (You must clearly identify your sources for these.) 2 graphic elements.
Autobiography: who are you? This should not be a narrative. Tell your reader who you are in a manner that reflects your zine’s focus. 1 page for all writers.

Rant: this is an impassioned diatribe against something that makes you angry. It is your opinion and does not need to be researched. It is similar to a freewrite–but angrier. 1 page per writer.

Argumentative Essays: You will be revising your argumentative essay and this will be your contribution to the ezine, complete with an annotated list of works cited page. 1 argument per writer.

Preface or conclusion: Your group will decide to write either a preface to the ezine, which outlines what the reader is to expect from your ezine, or a conclusion that pulls the ezine selections together and perhaps predicts future implications for your ezine focus. This collaboratively produced text will unite the essays together to create a connected, coherent project. 1 page for all writers.

Resource Page: Your group will create one annotated list of works cited page for all the essays in the ezine. Your group will work together to alphabetize a master list of the sources cited in all of your texts. 1 page for all writers.

An X-Files Episode: Your group will create an episode of the X-Files. This collaborative effort will highlight the more creative aspects of conspiracy theory. 1 episode for all writers.

How you will be graded. This project is worth 25% of your final grade.

   60% of this grade will be based on your revised argumentative essay.

   40% of this grade will be based on your ability to work collaboratively, to meet set deadlines, and contribute productively to the overall project. This grade also includes your participation and preparation for the group led discussions held earlier in the semester as well as your attendance for the duration of the project.

Project Deadlines

   Preface or conclusion due
   Resource page due
   Individual contributions due
   Ezine due