The Website Component

The World Wide Web offers rhetors with a prime opportunity to address multiple audiences.
Web-based arguments incorporate visuals, sounds, and words to underscore claims.

Purpose:  To communicate effectively to an audience about a particular topic--conspiracy theory. To incorporate multiple forms of rhetoric as part of the communication process. To learn the intricacies of we-based argumentation as well as website construction.

Assignment: Now that you are registered with
1. Go to and log in
2. This SHOULD take you to a Welcome screen
3. In the center of the screen you should see a section called "Build My Website"
4. For your first time, go ahead and work with the "Page Wizard." But, for your subsequent pages, go ahead and use "Page Builder."
5. Many of your link, table, and image options are available on the toolbar
6. As an Ezine team you are going to need to come up with a design that's specific to your rhetorical purpose (i.e., to present your audience with an Ezine that establishes your arguments and topics).

Information that you should know:

Yahoo's "Page Builder" provides users with a tutorial. If you click on the "Page Builder" link, you'll see that the tutorial is located on the right hand side of the screen.

Websites work in at least 3 different ways. Designers can put everything on one page (see: English Department Website) or they can construct pages that lead the reader from one to the next (page -> page -> page -> page ->) or they can develop sites that exist in an array format (see: Rhetoric: It's an Adventure).

Yahoo has a File Manager that helps you maintain your website. You need to make sure that you upload all of the different images, backgrounds, and pages that you work on. While Yahoo does provide you with an assortment of visual and font choices, you may not find exactly what you're looking for. If you do locate a free image elsewhere, you will need to upload that image into your account.

If you are comfortable using other types of web design editors (i.e., Netscape Composer, Dreamweaver, Notepad, or Pagemill), please feel free to use them. Yahoo's webpage creator provides first time webdesigners with a space that is relatively user-friendly.