Multi-Source Informative Synthesis

Purpose: To read material critically and annotate texts. To communicate clearly and efficiently information that you have gathered from sources. To organize material around a central thesis. To learn how to document in-the MLA style.

Assignment: Write a multi-source, informative synthesis in which you combine in a clear, organized manner, the information you gathered from your sources. After reading your essay, a reader should have a better understanding of the topic and know the position of various authors whose work you have summarized. Your thesis will identify your topic and indicate what order you
will be discussing your findings. This essay will lay the groundwork for your researched, position essay.

  1. Your topic will be limited to a specific conspiracy theory.
  2. Your thesis statement must be underlined.
  3. All summaries must be explanatory summaries.
  4. The essay should no less than 7 pages, typed or word processed. Hand written essays will not be accepted.
  5. The essay should be presented in MLA format, without the title page.
  6. Submit the finished version of your essay on one side of your pocket folder and your writing process and copies of your research on the other side.

You must include a copy of each of your sources with your paper. In addition to least two (2) essays from the Conspiracy Theory class readings (ie., calendar, theory list, reading list), at least three (3) different Internet sources, and two (2) different print sources for a total of seven (7) sources, minimum.

Each of your print sources should be from different types of sources and chosen from the following list:

A chapter from a book
A newspaper article
A popular magazine article
A news magazine article
An academic journal article
A book
A book review and/or critique

You must highlight the quotes, summaries, and/or paraphrases on your copied sources and number them as they correspond to quotes, summaries, and/or paraphrases used in your essay. I should be able to match quotes, summaries, and/or paraphrases from your copied sources easily to the ones in your essay. Paper submitted without copies of highlighted sources will not be accepted and will be returned to you with instructions to begin again.

You will be responsible for the correct MLA in-text documentation of any material you use from your sources, including summaries or paraphrases.

Writing Process Reminder:
No essay will be accepted for credit without the entire writing process present. You must save every part of your writing process, including brainstorming, lists, outlining, rough drafts, and preliminary drafts, and no excuses will be accepted. When working at a computer, save different versions under different names, such as SYN.1, SYN.2, SYN.3, etc. If you print paper copies, label the copies First version, Second version, and so on. Work handed in without the entire writing process will be returned, and you will be instructed to begin the assignment again, so save all parts of the writing process for submission. You will be graded for your process as well as for your essays.

Due Dates:

Proposal due:
Peer Review Draft:
Final Version:

Peer Review Exercise