Response Essay

Purpose: To practice note-taking and annotation skills. To use critical thinking skills in formulating an articulate response to a reading.

Assignment: Pick one of the readings--"Mythinformation" by Langdon Winner,
"Conspiracy Thinking and Conspiracy Studying" by A. Spark, or "Chaos Politics" --write a response to the essay. Here are a series of questions that you want to think about as you construct your response to the article:
  • What is the main point of the essay?  What is the writer's basic point?  Can you describe in a few sentences what the chief purpose of the essay is?
  • Can you paraphrase the key points that support the basic argument?  Perhaps summarize the general outline of the essay?
  • Are you persuaded by the argument of the writer?  Do you think the writer's points are persuasive and clear? Do you feel there are any problems or shortcomings in the writer's argument?
  • What are some of your own reactions to the essay? Do you agree? Disagree? Why?
You should not only articulate your response to the essay, but also justify it by defending your reasoning. There are no right or wrong responses to the essay. You will be evaluated on how well you understand the material and how clearly you explain your reactions.

Constraints: This journal response should be about 2 word-processed pages. Hand written journals will not be accepted. The journal should be presented in MLA format--no title page is necessary. See the Lunsford handbook, page 393, for an example of the MLA format.

Due Date: