Critique Essay

Purpose: To practice note-taking and annotation skills. To use critical thinking skills in evaluating the quality or worth of a reading. To assert well-reasoned judgement over a text. To practice argumentative skills.

Assignment: From the following readings, write a critique of the essay of your choice.

To critique a piece of writing is to do the following:

1) describe: give the reader a sense of the writer's overall purpose and meaning

2) analyze: show how it is put together by dividing it into its main sections or aspects

3) interpret: define the significance (meaning and importance) of each part

4) assess: make a judgement of the work's worth or value

Here is a possible structure for critique:

--name of author and work
--general overview of subject and summary of author's argument
--focusing (or thesis) sentence indicating how you will divide the whole work for discussion or the particular elements you will discuss

--objective description of a major point in the work
--detailed analysis of the logic and relationships
--interpretation of the concept
--repetition of description, analysis, interpretation if more than one major concept is covered

--overall interpretation
--relationship of particular interpretations to subject as a whole
--critical assessment of the value, worth, or meaning of the work, both negative and positive

Assignment Constraints: This journal response should not be longer than 2-3 word-processed pages. Hand written journals will not be accepted. The essay should be presented in MLA format, without the title page. See the Lunsford Handbook, page 393, for an example of the MLA format, without the title page.

Due Date:

Adapted from Hunter College