Conspiracy Theory Argument Assignment

To interpret and write effectively about a conspiracy theory topic within our society. To write analytically with evidence and well reasoned support. To be able to anticipate opposing arguments and logically refute those objections. To be able to use Internet resources responsibly and print sources. To be able to integrate sources into an essay using the MLA style for in-text documentation. To create an annotated list of works cited page.

Write a multi-source essay in which you take a position on an issue raised in your multi-source synthesis essay. You might decide to argue with one of the authors that you used in your multi-source essay or argue on the side of another author. You may also consider agreeing with selected sections of specific arguments. What ever your stance will be on your topic, you should support your position with your own well-reasoned opinion on the subject as well as using the research that you conducted from your multi-source synthesis essay for support. This essay will be primarily in your own words, using the research sparingly from your multi-source synthesis as your support material. You will revise this essay and submit it for your ezine project.

Your thesis statement must be underlined and be either an open thesis statement or a closed thesis statement. The essay should no less than 6 pages (about 1500 words), typed or word processed. Hand written essays will not be accepted. The essay should be presented in MLA format, without the title page. Submit the finished version of your essay on one side of your
pocket folder and your writing process on the other side.

Once again, you must include a copy of each of your sources with your paper. Add any copies of new sources used in this essay to the same copies you used in your informative multi-sources essay. The same number of sources and types of sources apply to this essay as was specified in the multi-source informative essay. You must highlight the quotes, summaries, and
/or paraphrases on your copied sources. I should be able to easily match quotes, summaries, and /or paraphrases from your copied sources to the ones in your essay. Essays submitted without copies of highlighted sources will not be accepted.

You will be responsible for the correct MLA in-text documentation of any material you use from your sources, including summaries or paraphrases. In addition, you will also be required to create an annotated list of works cited page.

Writing Process Reminder:
No essay will be accepted for credit without the entire writing process present. You must save every part of your writing process, including brainstorming, lists, outlining, rough drafts, and preliminary drafts, and no excuses will be accepted. When working at a computer, save different versions under different names, such as ARG1, ARG2, ARG3, and so on. If you print paper copies, label the copies First version, Second version, and so on. Work handed in without the entire writing process will be returned, and you will be instructed to begin the assignment again, so save all parts of the writing process for submission.

Due Dates:
     Peer Review Workshop:
     Final Version:
     Revised version for ezine project:


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